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We are medical and logistical volunteers with experience operating in combat zones. We are bringing humanitarian aid relief to Ukrainian refugees by providing evacuation support, hospital shift support, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. We have teams actively operating in Ukraine & Romania.

They need your help to continue to save lives on the ground. We have done the work, we need you to help fund the costs of operating in a conflict zone.

Our volunteers will be supporting humanitarian operations in areas that were otherwise not receiving support & aid.


We are NOT combatants.

Since FEB 25 2022 we have established supply lines through Romania because routes in Poland have been largely compromised, causing humanitarian and medical supplies to experience heavy delays. This network includes:

• Procurement & distribution of: donated humanitarian, medical and protective supplies to render aid on the ground & enough to distribute to medical and humanitarian organizations who have already expressed specific needs

• A packaging facility in Vermont to receive and sort donations, palletize, transport, and ship supplies to Romania

• Multiple warehouses in romania & ukraine as well as dedicated logistical support to move cargo (Committed transportation & distribution etc)

• Connections within Romanian and Ukrainian governments to help facilitate and support our medical support operation.

We have a large and growing network of professional contacts in Ukraine who are identifying the locations requiring the most need, supporting logistical operations, and sourcing new supplies of critical life-saving aid.

Innocent civilians are being tragically injured & killed in a conflict they can’t control, and Operation Phantom Support volunteers have been working around the clock every day to do what they can, where they can

Any support we receive will have a direct positive impact on the victims of this war through the purchase of things such as: fuel to move cargo, import fees, storage fees, cost of living for the team on the ground, purchasing critical equipment & supplies for the teams operating on the ground to keep them safe etc.

Operation Phantom Support is here to help and provide relief.

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